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American Bank & Trust

iCan Pay

This online bill payment tool allows you to manage and pay your bills in one place.

Save time and money.

Say good-bye to writing checks and mailing bills with iCan Pay in Online Banking. It allows you to pay your monthly or one-time bills online. You can pay on the fly or schedule payments in advance.

Paying Bills Is easy!

  1. Simply log in to Online Banking or iCan Mobile Banking
  2. Select iCan Pay from the menu
  3. Add or select a Payee
  4. Click Pay or Set-Up Recurring Payment Button


For select billers, we offer eBill (electronic bills), which allows you to automatically link major billers to our bill payment interface.

See eBill Instructions

Bill Pay FAQs

Is it possible to schedule recurring payments?

Yes. You can schedule weekly, semi-monthly and monthly recurring payments.

How do I register for electronic bill payment?

Bill Payment registration is easy! You will log into online banking and click on the iCan Pay tab.

Can I register any of my accounts for bill payment?

No. You can only register active checking accounts for bill payment services. Your checking account must be in good standing with American Bank & Trust. American Bank & Trust reserves the right to decline any application for bill payment services.

Can I receive an annual summary of my bill payments sorted by category or payee?

Yes, by going to “I want to” and “View Payments”. History will go back seven years as long as there is history there to go back.

When is bill payment available?

You can schedule payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are my bill payment transactions reflected as Internet Banking transactions?

All bill payment transactions become part of the Internet Banking transaction history and show up in personal financial management applications when the transaction history is downloaded.

How do I add new payees?

You can add payees by accessing the “Add Payee” tab. New payees will be added to the payee list immediately.

When I add a new payee to my bill payment account, or change my account number, how quickly will the change take place?

When you update the information for the bill payment account, the changes are implemented virtually instantaneously.

Can bill payment be used when I am out of the country?

Bill payment provides you with peace of mind when you are traveling for an extended period of time. All you need is access to the Internet with a secure browser and you can pay your bills while out of the country. Payees must be located within the fifty United States and its Territories.

Is there a limit to the number of bill payment accounts I can set-up?

Yes, you are limited to one bill payment account, but you can change the funding account at any time if needed.

Who can be paid using the bill payment system?

Anyone in the fifty United States and its Territories who can accept a check can be paid using the bill payment system. You can pay practically anyone- charge accounts, utilities, auto loans, professionals, even a lawn service or a relative. However, tax payments (such as federal, state and local) and court directed payments (such as alimony and child support) cannot be processed through the online bill payment system.

Can I pay my bills on the weekend?

You can set up your payments during the weekend. However, the system will prohibit you from scheduling a single payment and the first of a recurring payment on the same weekend. This is because payments scheduled for the weekend are always processed on the Friday before. Therefore, when scheduling payments on a weekend, the first day for which you can schedule payments (single or recurring) is the first business day following the weekend.

Can I schedule a payment to go overnight?

Yes. It’s called Expedited Payments. For a $30.00 fee, you can schedule a payment on the weekdays prior to the 5:00 PM for ACH transactions and 3:00 for checks cut-off.

What if my payee does not show in the Expedited Payments?

If your payee does not show in the Expedited Payments section, you will be unable to send the payment. Why? Our Bill Payment processor possibly can send the payment faster through the regular Bill Payment channels by sending the payment as an electronic payment.

How is my account debited?

Your account is debited via ACH for electronic payments. If the payment is being sent out by check, you will be debited once the Bill Payment check clears your account.

Can I see my Bill Payment check images on my monthly statement?

Yes, since the Bill Payment checks are being sent from our processor with your account number at the bottom, you will be able to view your check images on your monthly statements since they clear like a normal check you wrote!

What is ACH?

Automated Clearing House is a funds transfer system which provides for the interbank clearing of electronic entries for participating financial institutions.

How do I place a 'stop payment' on a bill payment?

A payment may be edited or deleted any time before the "process date." Payments paid by Bill Payment check that have not cleared can be stopped. Payments that have been remitted electronically cannot be stopped. You will be responsible for the stop payment fee on the check item.

American Bank & Trust

Need to pay a person fast?

Pay them with iCan Pay.


American Bank & Trust


Bill Payment

Online Bill Payment is designed to free you from the boring, time-consuming chore of paying bills by check. Save time and money by paying your bills online.