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Custodial Services

Global Custodial Solutions

Keep your investment assets where they belong.

Simplifying complex custody needs.

Keeping your investment assets separate from your corporate assets and corporate creditors is a core component of effective wealth management. Custodial services include settlement, safekeeping, and reporting of marketable securities and cash to facilitate stable and secure income.


Clients across the globe rely on us as a trusted financial partner that safeguards and services asset management with quality, timely, and easy-to-access information to support complex needs.


Your success is our success. Our expertise allows us to deliver the best insight and solutions for each service, maximizing efficiency and managing risk for every custodial investment decision

Reasonable Cost

Despite our extensive range of services, our premium service, and our flexible approach, we offer affordable cost alternatives to larger brokerage houses. When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from personalized services and easy access to our expert team.



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