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American Bank & Trust

eBanking and Bill Payment FAQs

What is Internet Banking?

Internet Banking is a tool that allows you to use a personal computer with an Internet connection to conduct your banking online.

What can I do with Internet Banking?

You can view account balances and transaction history, transfer money, and download transactions to a personal financial manager and much more.

Is any of my personal information stored in the Internet Banking product?

Yes, the Internet Banking product stores your User ID, password and user preferences.

How current is my banking information?

Your account information is updated every business day with new transactions that were posted to your account the previous business day.

What accounts will I be able to access through Internet Banking?

You can access your checking, savings, credit cards, investments and loan accounts from the Internet Banking service. Our Internet Banking product is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible.

Can I view my account details in more than one way?

Yes, you can view your accounts by date, check number, payee, amount or balance in ascending or descending order.

What file formats can I download my transaction history in?

Internet Banking provides downloads to Quicken™, Microsoft Money™ or as a comma-delimited text file. However, these products are not supported by American Bank & Trust. You will have to contact those providers directly for assistance.

Can future and recurring transfers be scheduled?

Yes, Internet Banking is capable of future and recurring transfers from all accounts linked to your online banking profile. You must have your accounts set up with transfer capability to complete a future or recurring transfer.

If I sign up for online statements, how many months of statements are stored online?

American Bank & Trust stores a rolling 18 months of statements from the time you signed up to receive online statements.

How many months of transaction history can I view?

American Bank & Trust keeps 6 months of transaction history from the date you sign up. You can search in 60 day increments.

When can I use Internet Banking services?

With Internet Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why am I being prompted to complete One Time Security Code Step Up?

The “Step-Up” process detects if you are using a device other than the one you initially used to sign up with, if you have had a recent upgrade, or if the system is detecting a possible phishing attempt or possible hacking attempt into your system. Depending on what type of security settings you have on your computer or other device, our system may have you complete the “Step-Up” process.

The “Step Up” process on your profile can be completed by having the activation code sent to you via phone or text at the numbers on the system or go through the security questions that are produced from your credit reporting history.

I have already been through the “Step-Up” process, why do I have to do it again?

The security of the system is designed to protect you. It looks through your complete IP Address history. If it is believed something is “wrong” it will have you complete the “Step Up” process more than once.

My phone number is not correct on the One Time Security Code Step Up, why?

If you have recently changed or updated your phone numbers and did not notify us, the phone number will be incorrect as the system only uses the phone numbers that are currently on your account. Please make sure to contact your local branch location for any phone number or address changes.

How do I access Internet Banking?

First complete the Online Enrollment. If all of the information entered is correct, you will be able to view your accounts right away. If the information you have provided does not match what is in our system, it will not allow you to login until the information is correctly entered.

Can I create my own password that is easy for me to remember?

Yes. When you sign up for internet banking you will create your own password. Once you have an online profile you can change your password by logging in and going to the Customer Service tab.

How often will my password need to be changed?

Passwords expire every 365 days.

What happens if I forget my User ID?

There are 2 options, the first is to use the “Forgot your user ID?”” option by clicking on Forgot your user ID and Password. This will take you through the One Time Security Code Step Up process and then you will be able to recover your User ID. The second option is to call 877-626-2265 for assistance or 877-392-5132 Option 2.

What happens if I forget or lose my password?

There are 2 options, the first is to use the “forgot password” option by clicking on reset it yourself underneath the password box. This will take you through the One Time Security Code Step Up process and then you will be able to reset your password to something new that you have not used for the last 6 passwords. The second option is to call 877-626-2265 for assistance or 877-392-5132 Option 2.