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American Bank & Trust

Remote Deposit Capture

A big timesaver.

The most efficient way deposit checks

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a solution that allows you to capture, validate, and transmit your deposits from the comfort of your office.

Here’s how it works

  1. It reads the amount on each check you scan and balances the total for a deposit slip that you also scan.
  2. The images, deposit information, and MICR information are then electronically delivered to your bank over a secure Internet connection.

This eliminates the need to physically process a deposit at your bank and may reduce the total time required to clear your checks.

Getting Started

Using a Personal Computer (PC), scanner, and an Internet connection, checks received at your business can be scanned and sent electronically for deposit to American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. Specifically, as checks are received and batched at your business, an operator logs in to Virtual Teller and turns on the scanner. 

  • The operator places a batch of checks into the check scanner feeder and clicks the “Capture Items” button. 
  • As the system captures the checks, it creates check images, validates image quality, determines the check amount, verifies the routing/transit number, analyzes the check data to determine possible duplication, and determines if the check is a foreign item. 
  • Following the capture of the items, the operator is prompted to key in any checks that were unable to be read. 
  • Following the item correction, the batch is then balanced by either rescanning, deleting, or inserting items; or by fixing the deposit totals. 
  • Once the batch is balanced with the control totals it can be submitted electronically to the bank. 
  • Checks you transmit can be stored on your computer for a fixed period of time for research purposes. 

Support / Learn More Information

What are the hours of support?
American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. will provide support Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (CT). The phone number to call for support issues is our Back Office Support Services at (877) 626-2265  ext. 6524, you may also email Back Office Support Services at for support questions, issues or to learn more information about Virtual Teller remote deposit capture.

What type of support is provided?
American Bank and Trust Company, N.A. will work with clients to resolve application issues. Typical issues will be resolved within the first hour following the issue being reported.  More extensive issues will require a scheduled call with an analyst to stream into your PC to troubleshoot and resolve as soon as possible.

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